The Omnia-Prova Education Collaborative, Inc. (TOPEC) is an independent medical education provider. Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) since 1997, we are experts at developing, delivering, and measuring CME across a broad spectrum of diseases and clinical conditions. Our mission is to assist physicians in their pursuit of continuous professional development through an array of integrated, lifelong learning opportunities that lead to improvements in competence, performance, and patient outcomes.

When our activities conclude, our learners act as change agents in their practice settings and they impact the systems in which they function. This has been the guiding focus of TOPEC's education since the company's founding. Through advanced educational designs, adaptive technologies, and collaborative partnerships, we infuse our education with:
Omnia Education
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Prova Education
• Learn more about Prova Education
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• State-of-the-art training techniques
• Hands-on and live patient practice opportunities
• Small-group workshop learning
• Active learner feedback that informs the group
• Real-time reporting of learning progress
• TouchPoint Education® progressive learning
• Expert commentary on group cases
• PI CME curricula and learning-library resources
• Point-of-care learning tools
• Patient and provider education tools

TOPEC’s family of companies includes Omnia Education and Prova Education. We welcome your inquiries and collaborations.